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Cliff supports Daniel Janner QC and Paul Gambaccini in forming FAIR (falsely accused individuals for reform) which launched a Parliamentary Petition, campaigning to change the law to provide for anonymity for suspects in relation to sexual allegations unless and until that person is charged, except in truly exceptional circumstances. FAIR is attempting to raise the 100,000 signatures for the issue to be considered for a debate in the Houses of Parliament.  The proposed reform is fair and just. If you wish to help FAIR rebalance a system that has gone astray please sign the Petition 

It has come to our attention that there are people from time to time purporting to be Sir Cliff on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook who have befriended fans and in some cases then tried to trick them into handing over money.  PLEASE NOTE, Cliff has never had a Twitter account and does not Tweet or use Instagram.  Any account on Twitter or Instagram using his name is not official, is not related to Cliff and are not Cliff’s thoughts. Be very careful using social media.  The only official online accounts are the website and  Sir Cliff would never contact fans personally via social media.












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